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We are based on the north bank of the River Conwy in the Village of Deganwy.

We have an active COD (Conway One Design) racing fleet, which races weekly between the months of May and October.

Our cruiser fleet also races regularly during the summer months.

We have a very active social programme centred around our club house in Deganwy Village. Have  a look at the social pages for a list of events.

Feel free to drop into the clubhouse one evening if you are in the area.



 Our Club House Opening hours are Monday to Saturday,  5.30 to 11 pm Except Friday   when we open at 4.30 pm, and Wednesdays and Sundays when we are closed.

For general enquiries, email or you can call the club house on 01492  583690

Conway One Design Construction

COD’s were designed to be built in wood, the material of choice in the early 1900’s.

The final design came after The Conway Yacht Club first experimented with sailing the ‘Conway River Restricted Class’ in 1910, of which none remain. The club then tried the Fife One Design still sailed in the Menai Strait but their fine lines made them rather too wet and unstable for the local sea conditions. They finally decided on the current design in 1928.



Deck and Cockpit layout of ‘Musetta


Stripped out hull of ‘Seriol’ showing the many ribs and copper fastenings

All but the last two COD’s were built on a keel of oak or Canadian rock elm, with the bow ste stern knee and floors of natural oak. Planking near the keel was of elm with the rest mahogany, all fastened with roved (riveted) copper nails to 38 steamed ribs that crossed the boat.

American elm or pitch pine bilge and beam stringers provided fore and aft strength. Nail holes were filled with white lead putty and the hull planks caulked with ‘best cotton wick’ or thread. Pic seriol 0201305  Bow of ‘Seriol undergoing restoration.

It was said that the design of the keel was well ahead of its time being placed towards the rear of the boats.

The design is well suited to local waters and fortunately good looking too.


Length Over All                         20’ (6.1m)
Length of the Waterline            15’10’’(4.8m)
Beam                                         6’7’’ (2m)
Draught                                     2’11’’ (0.9m)
Mast Height                               23’ (7m)
Mainsail                                    166.48sq.ft (15.5sq.m)
Jib                                             46.24sq.ft (4.3sq.m)

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