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We are based on the north bank of the River Conwy in the Village of Deganwy.

We have an active COD (Conway One Design) racing fleet, which races weekly between the months of May and October.

Our cruiser fleet also races regularly during the summer months.

We have a very active social programme centred around our club house in Deganwy Village. Have  a look at the social pages for a list of events.

Feel free to drop into the clubhouse one evening if you are in the area.



 Our Club House Opening hours are Monday to Saturday,  5.30 to 11 pm Except Friday   when we open at 4.30 pm, and Wednesdays and Sundays when we are closed.

For general enquiries, email or you can call the club house on 01492  583690

Club Officers

Conway Yacht Club
Flag Officers and Comittee Members


Mary Meldrum

Vice Presidents

Vic Edwards and Brian Fisher


Clive Hardman

Vice Commodore


Rear Commodore

Keith Simpson

Sailing Captain

David Warden-Owen

Honorary Secretary

Brian Fisher

Honorary Treasurer

Chris Brigg

Membership Secretary

Patricia Nicholls

House Chairman

Vic Edwards



Guard Boat Commander


Official Club Measurer

Karl Quirk

Trophy Secretary

Rosie Eckett

    Members of the Sailing Committee
    David Warden-Owen (Sailing Captain / Chairperson)
    Kit Edwards (COD Class Captain)
    Pam MacDonald (COD Representative)
    Karl Quirk (Cruiser Racers)

    Members of the House Committee
    Vic Edwards, Vivienne Edwards,  Kate Hardman,
    Patricia Nicholls, Hazel Roberts & Peter Roberts


(C) 2013, Conway Yacht Club, 43 Station Road, Deganwy, LL31 9DF - Telephone 01492 583690


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